Neo-Classica Edizioni: presentazione del volume «LUCA MARENZIO» di Marco Bizzarini

Chorus Prima Prattica Ensemble

Metropolitan Kallistos of Diokleia – Catholic-Orthodox Relations following the Holy and Great Council in Crete (2016)
14 December 2017

Rev. Msgr. Paul McPARTLAN – Chieti and the Trajectory of Catholic-Orthodox Dialogue
18 January 2018

Bishops Teemu Sippo and Simo Peura, Rev. Dr. Raimo Goyarrola and Rev. Dr. Tomi Karttunen, Rev. Dr. James F. Puglisi, Kurt Cardinal KOCH –
Communion in Growth Declaration on the Church, Eucharist, and Ministry
23 January 2018

Prof. Israel Knohl –
Is Genesis 49:10 a Messianic Prophecy?
7 March 2018

Prof. Marshall J. Breger –
The Place of the Land of Israel in Jewish Thought
21 March 2018

Rabbi Jack Bemporad –
The Philosophy of the Midrash
3 May 2018

Celebration 50th Anniversary Centro Pro Unione
Prolusion Cardinal Kurt Koch (read by Mons. Juan Usma)
and Jonathan Doria Pamphilj speech
17 May 2018

Meeting with leadres of New Charsmatic Churches
24 May 2018

Dr. Olav Fykse Tveit
“What does it mean for Christians to be mutually accountable?”
15 November 2018

Dr. Michael CALABRIA, ofm and Dr. Muhammad SHAFIQ
“St. Francis and the Sultan – Foundations for Christian-Muslim Dialogue in the 21st Century”
13 December 2018

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