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Renowned US Historian to Speak at MIC Conference on Martin Luther’s Reformation · Conference to explore Luther’s Impact on Ireland in 16th Century and Today (in inglese)

Editore: Mary Immaculate College (MIC)

Categoria: Website, Education, University

Parole chiavi: Martin Luther’s Reformation, Conference, Theology & Religious Studies, Irish Province of the Augustinian Friars

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Cause For The Canonization Of Fr. Paul Wattson Advances (in inglese)

Editore: U Catholic

Categoria: Online News, Website

Parole chiavi: Fr. Paul Wattson, Beatification Cause, Franciscan Friars of the Atonement, Vatican

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Chi vuole l’unità cerchi prima la carità · La lezione di padre Paul di Graymoor pioniere del dialogo ecumenico

Editore: L’Osservatore Romano

Categoria: Notizie online, Sito Web

Parole chiavi: Fr. Paul Wattson, Causa di beatificazione, Frati Francescani dell’Atonemenet, Vaticano

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"È una grande gioia!" — Elezione Papa Francesco

Gratitudine a Benedetto XVI


Prophet of unity, builder of bridges: Fr Paul Wattson (in inglese)

Editore: The Vatican Today

Categoria: News, Broadcast News, Pontifical Council for Social Communications

Parole chiavi: Fr. Paul Wattson, CNEWA, Catholic Near East Welfare Association, Week of Prayer for Christian Unity



Ecumenism Manual: a new hands-on guide to Christian Unity (in inglese)

Editore: Vatican Radio

Categoria: Radio, Broadcast News

Parole chiavi: Ecumenism Manual, Centro Pro Unione, Week of Prayer for Christian Unity



Benedict XVI speaks on importance of Week of Prayer for Christian Unity (in inglese)

Editore: Rome Reports in English

Categoria: TV News Agency

Parole chiavi: Week of Prayer for Christian Unity, Fr. Paul Wattson


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