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17/02 · at 5PM UTC +1, 11AM EST Live Streaming on Periscope

“Receiving Reform and the Humbling of the Church.
Potential Catholic Learning from the Reformation Traditions”
Speaker: Prof. Paul D. MURRAY
Professor of Systematic Theology, Durham University, UK
Director of the Centre for Catholic Studies.

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It is a new space, for gathering content and audiovisual resources in a section of the website of the Centro Pro Unione visible at
The new technologies provide the means to design, develop and implement a new type of electronic digital communication for multimedia (video, audio, images) and the Centro Pro Unione intends to be in step with the times by using these new forms of communication and interaction.
We want to offer such media resources that will be displayed in this section and that are the result of the collaboration of a team involved in the ministry of education and training that promote ecumenical formation, in harmony with the authentic spirit and charism of the Franciscan Friars of the Atonement and its founder, the Servant of God Father Paul Wattson.
We thought about this title: ‘WebTV’ which indicates a collection of audiovisual materials (Acronym TV) that can be enjoyed via the network (Web)
In 2015 we launched the first audiovisual project in conjunction with the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity. A video series called ‘120 Seconds of Ecumenism’. It is a project of ecumenical formation in the form of brief interviews with scholars, teachers and experts, who, through their presentations, express a variety of views and perspectives, characteristic of those who seek the unity of the Church. In the same year we released a documentary on ecumenical formation: “Ecumenical & Interreligious Movements from a Catholic Perspective” showing unique experience of the Summer School that the Centro Pro Unione annually offers. Its participants comes from many geographic places and backgrounds to meet in Rome to learn and live an historical and theological experience in the heart of Christianity.
Among coming media projects we are planning to:

  • broadcast experimental live streaming of the lectures, conferences and celebrations
  • deliver a collection of audio podcasts from lectures and conferences given during last years by numerous speakers at the Centro

Documentary “Ecumenical and Interreligious Movements from a Catholic Perspective” — click to watch!

Presentation of 120 Seconds of Ecumenism / An ecumenical formative initiative

“120 seconds of Ecumenism” is a virtual space of ecumenical formation, a moment dedicated to reflect on the Ecumenical Movement and on the dialogue among Christian confessions committed to restore the full visible unity of the Church.

In the fashion of a short interview, scholars, experts, Church leaders from various Christian traditions will offer a deepening and an updating on the field of Ecumenism, by commenting on ecumenical issues and documents. The format of “120 seconds of Ecumenism” allows to collect a great variety of viewpoints and contributions, as well as to convey a message of mutual exchange, interaction, unity of purposes and a spirit of oneness, which characterize all those who seek the unity of the Church.

In “120 seconds of Ecumenism” the Centro Pro Unione joins its specific ministry of formation to the authentic ecumenical spirit, with its willingness to provide a formative tool which uses multimedial and digital technology, in order to reach, all over the world, those who – due to their studies, ministries, pastoral care, teaching or personal interest – are sensitive to the Ecumenical Movement and willing to deepen their knowledge on the journey towards the unity of Christians “that they may be one […] so that the world may believe” (Jn 17, 21).

First 6 months of WebTV / THANK YOU from 27 localities in the World!

15/12 · at 6PM UTC +1, 12PM EST Live Streaming on Periscope (Replay)

Conference in honor of Servant of God Fr. Paul Wattson and Mother Lurana White, founders of the Society of the Atonement.
Speaker: Rav. Jack Bemporad on the theme “Between Past and Future: The Achievements and Challenges since Vatican II”. Join Us!

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13/12 · at 6PM UTC +1, 12PM EST Live Streaming on Periscope (Replay)

Greece’s Embassy to the Holy See and Centro Pro Unione invites you to book presentation “Ortodossia greca ed Europa Percorsi teologici – approcci ecclesiastici – prospettive ecumeniche” by Dr. Dimitrios Keramidas

Speakers: Mons. Andrea Palmieri (Sottosegretario del Pontificio Consiglio per la Promozione dell’Unità dei Cristiani)
Prof. Basilio Petrà (Professore di teologia morale e di morale ortodossa)

Replay LiveStreaming / Link

Formative initiative / 120 Seconds of Ecumenism
2nd season videos
1st season videos in English language
(*Italian language videos and speakers are available by switching language in the menu bar)

Video News The only door is Christ, Pope Francis on Christian Unity — Ecumenical Liturgy conclusion Week of Prayer for Christian Unity, Basilica of Saint Paul Outside-the-Walls (January 25, 2016)

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  1. This website and the various people who speak on ecumenism give us all a hope of Christian unity in the future. Thanks to the pro unione and especially a very good friend and past teacher of mine in ecumenism at the Pontifical University “Angelicum” Teresa Francesca Rossi, this site will give all access to many sources of interesting and important information about ecumenism. If it wasn’t for the fact that I am in Imperia, Liguria, I would be more present at many conferences at the Centro Pro Unione in Rome. This site and conferences I would strongly recommend to anyone who is interested or even curious about ecumenism and what it all means.

  2. There are no words to express my gratitude for having been able to listen to all the interviews starting from the excellent introduction by Dr Teresa Rossi. Her words not only invite to listen to all the interventions but it is like a calling which invites to spend some very precious minutes with these highly qualified, gifted personnalities who represent the people of God. Congratulations for this excellent enterprise to share such deep and essential points in ecumenism. I would hope that all those committed to the Ecumenical Movement will have a chance to get to know this programme which Centro Pro Unione has launched. The shortness of the interventions is a real richness – every word contains a ‘history’, the life – to me the Holy Spirit is very much at work in each of the speakers and beyond. It also reflects the beauty of the diversity which comes through so strongly and invites to continue the journey towards the visible unity ‘that all may be one’ with faith, joy and passion TOGETHER!!! With deep gratitude – I thank you but above all God who indeed works through each one of you!

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