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23 January 2020
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Are you ready for an immersion experience studying Ecumenical & Interreligious Movements and visiting the main places of Christianity in Rome and the Jewish and Islamic places of worship?
Applications are open! Learn more here:
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The material about the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity — 18-25 January 2020 — is available now (Poster, Prayer, Worship).
Theme: “They showed us unusual kindness” (cf. Acts 28:2).
Click image to view, order and download the material
NB ordination of material for the Week of Prayer 2020:
Please be advised that the Centro will be closed from 16 December 2019 until 6 January 2020. The filling of orders for the Week of Prayer will be suspended during that period. It will be possible to order material from 7 January until 11 January or until the termination of the material.
The Centro Pro Unione still has available the pagelline and posters. The full booklet-guide is SOLD OUT and no longer available. To order these, we invite you to contact:
Paoline Multimedia, Via del Mascherino, 94 - 00193 Roma | E-mail: | Tel.: (+39) 06 687 2354
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Project MAD for Ecumenism - Introduction

The emerging Ecumenical category of Mutual Accountability – aiming at deepening the mutual knowledge and reliability between denominations – is the inspiration for a Centro Pro Unione formation project. The project MAD for Ecumenism establishes a Mutual Accountability Desk and is directed to all Christian confessions willing to cooperate in such inter-denominational joint venture and formation initiative.

The project

sets micro-goals revolving around study, charity actions, worship, which are carried out in the format of modules.
Each module develops according to three modalities: dislocation, sharing, spreading.

  • Dislocation: partners are free to work on the project by organizing their own timing, modalities and organizational details;
  • Sharing: at some stage there will be 2/3 plenary meetings where results, reflections and perspectives are put in common;
  • Spreading: means that at the end of the experience there will be an (official outcome) publication indicating the people involved in the group and the conclusions drawn, to constitute some growing archive.

The project is carried out both in Italian and English.

Module 2

of the project is focused on Baptism in its moral and liturgical implications: “[…] by Baptism […] we walk in newness of life” (Rom 6:4) and it will last from November 2019 to March 2020. Module 2 will include some ecumenical celebrations focused on our common Baptism in various churches of different Christian traditions, to meet the Catholic, Lutheran, Methodist and Waldensian Communities (primarily though not exclusively) and to experience mutual accountability; a concluding lecture with a sharing of the journey done together will be scheduled in springtime.

Participants in the project

— in addition to the Centro Pro Unione who will coordinate the project (Prof. Teresa Francesca Rossi is creator and responsible of the project) — are Local Communities of various Christian traditions in Rome, Ecumenical Centres, Universities, Seminaries, Parishes as well as Public High schools in Rome. For more info, please contact:






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