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Logbook M.A.D. for Ecumenism — Module 1

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Conosciamo i Fratelli — Vol. XIV

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Statement on Summer School

for students and faculty
Courses Year 2021/2022

With the Italian governmental guidelines for a gradual re-opening of the country, assemblies, congresses, etc. are now permitted with some restrictions but only beginning in July. We discussed ways we could organize the course reducing it by a week and we came to the conclusion that this would not work because credits given by an academic institution based on the number of hours actually taught would not be met by the reduction of one week. In addition the participants want to come to Rome/Italy!

We, therefore, decided with heavy hearts, that we will have to cancel the course this year, so that in the future we can offer to the participants the full academic dimension as well as the cultural/religious one.

Thank you for your continued interest and we hope that you wil join us in 2022.

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The proposed dates for next Summer School are

June 27 – July15, 2022

Week of Prayer for Christian Unity

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Material for the Week of Prayer 2022 — Daily Scripture-Prayer Guide, Poster and Prayer Card — is available now for download in digital format and ordering printed copy.

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Celebrating together

Week of Prayer 2021

Anglican Centre in Rome
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Prayer for Unity

Bringing Voices Together – A Vigil of Prayer · St. Augustine of Canterbury Chapel, The Anglican Centre in Rome

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Atonement Society Ministries


Our ministry for Christian Unity

The Centro Pro Unione is born from the ecumenical charism of the Franciscan Friars of the Atonement, a branch of the Franciscan family founded by the Servant of God Fr. Paul Wattson and Mother Lurana White at the end of the XIX century.

Its principle mission is to provide a place for research, meetings and encounters, formation in theological, social and spiritual ecumenism as well as promoting a sensitivity to the ecumenical movement.

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organized by the Società Biblica in Italia (SBI) presentend at the Centro Pro Unione in Rome December 2021

Live Streaming  | Presentation Nuovo Testamento GRECO — ITALIANO · Società Biblica in Italia (SBI)

Podcast | Presentation Nuovo Testamento GRECO — ITALIANO · Società Biblica in Italia (SBI)

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“Les liens étroits entre le renouveau de la synodalité et le renouveau du ministère épiscopal. Ecclésiologie et droit canonique”

Given by Dr. Hervé Legrand, op, Professeur émérite, Institut catholique de Paris

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Podcast | Symposium on Synodality

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Michael D. CALABRIA, OFM, PhD · Director, Center for Arab and Islamic Studies, St. Bonaventure University (USA)
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