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Lutheran World Federation and World Alliance of Reformed Churches:

a) November 12-14, 1969 – Cartigny, Switzerland
b) March 19-21, 1970 – Cartigny, Switzerland

Preliminary Examination of Issues concerning Marriage as Sacrament, Problem of Indissolubility and Validity of Marriage


Lutheran World Federation, World Alliance of Reformed Churches and Secretariat for Promoting Christian Unity:

December 15-17, 1970 – Rome, Italy

Study of the ‘Cartigny Proposals’; Possible Dialogue on Mixed Marriage; Relation to the Motu Proprio of March 31, 1970




1. November 23-26, 1971 – Strasbourg, France

Marriage Today from the Sociological, Psychological and Religious Points of View

2. December 4-9, 1972 – Madrid, Spain

Sexuality and Anthropology in Contemporary Thought; The Sacramentality of Marriage

3. October 22-27, 1973 – Basel, Switzerland

Indissolubility of Marriage

4. December 2-7, 1974 – Strasbourg, France

Indissolubility: The Distinctive Approaches of the Christian Traditions with Regard to Broken Marriage

5. April 25 – May 2, 1976 – Venice, Italy

Review of the Work of the Commission and the Report: The Theology of Marriage and the Problems of Mixed Marriages (1976) [IS 36 1978/1, 15-32]” – FINAL REPORT — Full-Text
and REFLECTIONS — Full-Text


Prof. Dr. Dietrich Rössler, Tübingen, Germany (LWF)
Prof. Dr. Rudolf Ehrlich, Edinburgh, Scotland (1971-1974) (WARC)
Dr. Rachel Henderlite, Austin, Texas (1975-1976) (WARC)
Mrs. Jacqueline Stuyt, London, England (RC)


Prof. Dr. Harding Meyer, Strasbourg, France (LWF)
Rev. Richmond Smith, Geneva, Switzerland (WARC)
Rev. Olaf Wand, AA, Vatican (1971) (RC)
Dr. Wolfdieter Theurer, Vatican (1972-1973) (RC)
Rev. Pierre M. de Contenson, OP, Vatican (1973-1976) (RC)

6. October 27-31, 1980 – Rome, Italy

Evaluation and Reaction to the 1976 Final Report” – RESUMÉ — Full-Text

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