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June 26, 1990 – Istabule, Turkey

Ecumenical Patriarch Dimitrios I received a delegation from the World Methodist Council and discussed the initiative to begin a worldwide dialogue between Methodists and Orthodox

Preparatory commission meetings

July 22-24, 1992 – Oxford, United Kingdom

July 28-30, 1993 – Istanbul, Turkey

March 29-April 3, 1995 – Duke University, North Carolina, USA

Unanimous decision to recommend that an International Orthodox-Methodist Dialogue be initiated; preparation of a short brochure containing three sections: a ‘self-description’; an account by each side of the features which immediately strike us in the other church tradition; suggestions concerning the aim, the benefits and the possible topics of a future dialogue

May 8-10, 1997 – Istanbul, Turkey

Theme of the dialogue will deal with the way of salvation rooted in Acts 16:25-34; how is salvation understood and practiced in the two traditions looking at the differences but hopefully leading to a common Christian faith




Metropolitan Kallistos of Diokleia (O)
Bishop Ruediger Minor (M)


Archpriest Boris Bobrinskoy (1992) (O)
Protopresbyter Dr. George Dragas (O)
Dr. Roberta Bondi (1992) (M)
Dr. Peter Stephens (1993 and 1995) (M)
Dr. Geoffrey Wainwright (M)
Dr. Joe Hale (M)




1. January, 1998 – Crestwood, NY, USA

2. July16-20, 2000 – Bristol, United Kingdom

Four themes were dealt with: the Bible and its usage in Orthodox patristic thought and the first Methodist preachers, the liturgical functions of hymns in the two traditions, the function of liturgical chant in the East and West, the role of women in the church

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