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Conversations between 1989-1992


August 25, 1988 – McLean, Virginia, USA

Meeting of BWA and MWC leaders determined to engage in a common search for greater mutual understanding in the hope that we may find new areas of common agreement




1. May 1989 – St. David’s, Pennsylvania, USA

The denominational heritage of Mennonites and Baptists worldwide; laying out the future agenda

2. June 1-4, 1990 – Elkhart, Indiana, USA

The Dutch connection between the two traditions; biblical interpretation; individualism-community relationships; Christian service; the social gospel and African-American influence on Baptists

3. May 12-19, 1991 – Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

The nature of the church, worship, the ordinances/sacraments and evangelism; taking note of convergences and divergences between Baptists and Mennonites

4. August 1-5, 1992 – Amsterdam, Netherlands

Review of previous work, preparation of the final draft of the report” – FINAL REPORT — Full-Text


Prof. William H. Brackney (Baptist)
Rev. Prof. Ross T. Bender (Mennonite)

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