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July 17-18, 1984 – Strasbourg, France

Discussion centered on issues rooted in the history of the Mennonite/Reformed relations, today’s new situation and the possibility of renewed dialogue between Mennonites and Reformed” – PUBLICATION OF RESULTS — Full-Text

October 11-14, 1989 – Calgary, Canada

Baptism, peace and the state, Reformed and Mennonite traditions” – REPORT: BAPTISM, PEACE, AND THE STATE IN THE REFORMED AND MENNONITE TRADITIONS — Full-Text

Seeking a Common Witness: Restoring Our Family to Wholeness


1. May 13, 2019 – Kloster Kappel, Switzerland

Announcement of new dialogue between WCRC and WMC under the title ‘Seeking a Common Witness: Restoring Our Family to Wholeness’” – COMMUNIQUÉ — Full-Text

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