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FIRST SERIES (2014-2018)
“Faith Working through Love”


Planning meeting:

August 28-29, 2013 – Wesley Chapel in London, United Kingdom

Aim: a greater understanding of, and appreciation for, one another; mutual exchange of gifts for the enrichment and renewal of Baptist and Methodist churches; increased participation in a common mission and witness in the world; and deeper fellowship and cooperation by identifying and overcoming barriers” – COMMUNIQUÉ — Full-Text




1. January 30-February 5, 2014 – Birmingham, Alabama, USA

Explored the historical heritage, theological commitments, and contemporary global situation of Methodists and Baptists

2. February 5-10, 2015 – Singapore

‘Faith confessed and remembered’; nature of and authority in the churches; justification and sanctification in both traditions” – COMMUNIQUÉ — Full-Text

3. February 3-10, 2016 – Elstal, Germany

Making disciples: baptism and Christian initiation; considered the baptismal practices of both traditions”- COMMUNIQUÉ — Full-Text

4. February 2-9, 2017 – Runaway Bay, Jamaica

Sharing each one’s vision of ‘grace andf faith. Sung and preached, lived and shared’; concept of works of piety and mercy; identities expressed through the practice of worship and preaching”- COMMUNIQUÉ — Full-Text

5. March 14-21, 2018 – Salisbury, United Kingdom

Editing the document and producing the final report” – REPORT: FAITH WORKING THROUGH LOVE — Full-Text


Rev. Dr. Tim Macquiban, Rome, Italy (2014-) (M)
Rev. Dr. Curtis Freeman, Durham, North Carolina, USA (B)


Rev. Dr. Paul Chilcote, Ashland, Ohio, USA (M)
Rev. Dr. Fausto Vasconcelos, Falls Church, Virginia, USA (B)

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