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Conversations between 1986-1989




Preparations for conversations between the Baptist World Alliance and the LWF were prepared for several years beginning in 1975, after contacts were made between officials of the two international bodies. A Baptist-
Lutheran Joint Commission was formed in 1984 with four meetings and the publishing of a joint report in 1990.




1. November 11-15, 1986 – Rummelsberg, Federal Republic of Germany

State of relations between the two communions; results of other dialogues; historical tradition of Lutheranism and Baptist heritage

2. November 11-14, 1987 – Wildbad, Federal Republic of Germany

Faith, baptism, discipleship

3. November 2-5, 1988 – Dresden, German Democratic Republic

Discussion on the Church and on the eucharist; follow-up on earlier work on baptism, faith, authority and Lutheran condemnations of Anabaptists in the 16th century

4. November, 1989 – Smidstrup Strand, Denmark

“Four themes were covered: authority for preaching and teaching in the Baptist and Lutheran traditions; faith–baptism–discipleship; the church; Lutheran condemnations of the Anabaptism in the 16th century and the relationship of Lutheran and Baptists today” – REPORT: Baptists and Lutherans in Conversation: A Message to Our Churches, Geneva, 1990” — Full-Text


Thorwald Lorenzen, Switzerland (Baptist)
Marc Lienhard, France (Lutheran)

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