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Bilateral conversations 1994-1998


“The proposal for bilateral conversations was approved by leaders of the General Conference of the Seven Day
Adventists (SDA) and the Lutheran World Federation council (LWF)”




1. November 1-5, 1994 – Darmstadt, Germany

‘Definition of the goals of the conversation: achieve better mutual understanding; break down false stereotypes; discover the bases of belief; discover points of real and imaginary friction

2. June 17-21, 1996 – Mississauga/Toronto, Canada

Justification by faith; law and the Sabbath

3. June 1-6, 1997 – Jongny, Switzerland

Scripture and authority in the church; ecclesiology

October 29-30, 1997 – Silver Spring, Maryland USA

Drafting group prepared for the last session and the resulting publication

4. May 10-16, 1998 – Cartigny, Switzerland

Eschatology; recommendations” – REPORT — Full-Text


Dr. Faith E. Rohrbough, Canada/USA (Augustana Lutheran Church, Saskatoon SK)
Dr. Bert Beach, General Secretary, General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists, USA

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