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1. September 7-11, 1970 Oxford, England

Authority and freedom

2. March 29 – April 2, 1971 – Løgumkloster, Denmark

The nature and mission of the Church

3. January 2-7, 1972 Lantana, Florida USA

The ministry

4. April 4-8, 1972 – Pullach nr. Munich, Germany

Word and sacrament” – FINAL REPORT — Full-Text

5. December 1975 – Geneva, Switzerland

Evaluation of the ‘Pullach Report;’ proposal for three European regional commissions


Rt. Rev. Ronald R. Williams (Anglican) Bishop of Leicester, England
Most Rev. Gunnar Hultgren (Lutheran) Archbishop emeritus of Uppsala, Sweden


Rev. Canon R.M. Jeffrey (Anglican)
Rev. Canon M.M. Hamond Moore (Anglican)
Prof. Dr. Günther Gassmann (Lutheran)


Anglican – Lutheran Regional Commission 1979-1981

6. November 1979 – St. Albans, England

Preparatory meeting; mandate to avoid repetition of previous work and to deal with questions of ministry and eucharistic theology in a wider pastoral context

7. August 14-18, 1980 – Edinburgh, Scotland

The identity and integrity of the Anglican and Lutheran traditions in present-day Europe; worship and eucharistic theology; ministry

8. July 2-8, 1981 – Pullach, Germany

The sacraments, worship and spiritual life and ordained ministry, especially the episcopacy, apostolicity and apostolic succession

9. August 26 – September 1, 1982 – Helsinki, Finland

Drafts of the final report” – FINAL REPORT — Full-Text


The Rt. Rev. John Gibbs (Anglican)
The Rev. Dr. Günther Gassmann (Lutheran)


The Rev. Canon Christopher Hill (Anglican)
The Rev. Professor Lars Österlin (Lutheran)


Anglican – Lutheran Joint Working Group 1983

10. November 28-December 3, 1983 – Cold Ash, England

Historical background of Anglican-Lutheran relations; Anglican-Lutheran relations today; goals for the dialogue; full communion; recommendations for an Anglican-Lutheran International Continuation Committee (ALICC)” – REPORT — Full-Text


The Most Rev. E.W.S. Scott (Anglican)
The Most Rev. Dr Olof Sundby (Lutheran)


The Rev. Canon Christopher Hill (Anglican)
The Rev. George Braund (Anglican)
The Rev. Dr. Carl H. Mau, Jr. (Lutheran)
The Rev. Dr. Gunther Gassmann (Lutheran)
The Rev. Dr. Roger Kahle (Lutheran)
Lutheran World Federation, Geneva, Switzerland
The Rev. Dr. William Rusch (Lutheran)


Anglican – Lutheran International Continuation Committee 1986-1987

11. October 13-17,1986 – Wimbledon, England

Looking at recent developments in mutual relations; evaluation of goals for the dialogue; preparation of a consultation on episcope; steps toward full communion

September 24-29, 1987 – Niagara Falls, Canada

Consultation on episcope

12. September 30-October 3, 1987 – Niagara Falls, Canada

The nature of the Church and its mission; requirements for the Church’s mission; the truths we share; application to Anglicans and Lutherans; finalizing the report” – REPORT — Full-Text


The Rt Rev. David Tustin (Anglican)
The Rt Rev. Sebastian Kolowa (Lutheran)


The Rev. George Braund (Anglican)
Ms Vanessa Wilde (Anglican)
The Rev. Dr. Eugene L. Brand (Lutheran)
Mrs. Irmhild Reichen-Young (Lutheran)


Anglican-Lutheran Consultation of the Diaconate 1995

13. April 24-30, 1995 – West Wickham, England

Presentations on the diaconate in the two traditions; the concept of diakonia and diaconate; nineteenth century Protestant ecclesiology and the diaconate; christological and ecclesiological basis of the diaconate

14. October 5-11, 1995 – Hanover, Germany

The Diaconate as an Ecumenical Opportunity”- HANOVER REPORT — Full-Text


The Rt. Rev. Dr. David Tustin (Anglican)
The Rt. Rev. Ambrose Moyo (Lutheran)


Rev. Dr. Donald Anderson (Anglican)
Rev. Dr. Eugene Brand (Lutheran)


Anglican–Lutheran International Working Group 2000-2002

15. February 12-14, 2000 – Alexandria, Virginia USA

Review and discusses the ongoing processes related to the various developments in Anglican-Lutheran relations worldwide” – COMMUNIQUÉ — Full-Text

16. March 23-28, 2001 – Skálholt, Iceland

Regional reports and examination of the coherence and compatibility of the agreements reached between Anglicans and Lutherans in different regional dialogues” – COMMUNIQUÉ — Full-Text

17. May 11-14, 2002 – Porto Alegre, Brazil

Received reports from the participants on the development of Anglican-Lutheran agreements in their respective regions; drafting the final report ‘Growth in Communion’” – COMMUNIQUÉ Full-Text
and REPORT — Full-Text

2002-2003 – MANDATE — Full-Text


The Rt. Rev. Dr. David Tustin (Anglican)
The Rt. Rev. Ambrose Moyo (Lutheran)


Rev. Canon David Hamid (Anglican)
Rev. Sven Oppegaard (Lutheran)


Anglican–Lutheran International Commission (ALICIII) Series 2006-2011

18. January 13-19, 2006 – Moshi, Tanzania

The Commission is to focus on key issues in order to advance Anglican-Lutheran relations around the globe, including questions such as the place of the historic episcopate within the apostolicity of the Church, life and work in the service of the Gospel and theological education and formation” – COMMUNIQUÉ — Full-Text

19. May 14-20, 2007 – White Point, Nova Scotia, Canada

The status of Lutheran-Anglican relations in various regions of the world, the state of the question regarding the historic episcopate, emerging opportunities for joint mission and diaconal ministry, the state of interchangeability of ministries throughout the world, cooperation in theological education, a critical analysis of ecclesiology and the language of unity” – COMMUNIQUÉ — Full-Text

20. April 28-May 5, 2008 – Chennai, India

The character of the visible unity the commission seeks to commend, the developing ecclesiologies of the two communions, their understandings of ordained ministry in the context of the life of the Church, and the centrality of diakonia to the Church’s mission” – COMMUNIQUÉ — Full-Text

21. May 20-27, 2009 – Lilleskog, Sweden

The discussion discovered strong links between the ‘six marks of mission’, which provide a framework for Anglican engagement in God’s mission, and developments in Lutheran understandings of diakonia” – COMMUNIQUÉ — Full-Text

22. April 17-24, 2010 – London, Ohio, USA

Connection between koinonia and diakonia and the language of unity” – COMMUNIQUÉ — Full-Text

23. June 18-25, 2011 – Jerusalem, Israel

Much time was given to the theme of the final report, with reflection on the connection between koinonia and diakonia, and the language of unity; drafting of final report: ‘To Love and Serve the Lord’” – COMMUNIQUÉ — Full-Text
and REPORT — Full-Text


The Most Rev. Fred Hiltz (Anglican)
Rev. Dr. Thomas Nyiwé (Lutheran)
Rev. Dr. Cameron R. Harder, 2008-2009 (Lutheran)


The Revd Canon Gregory K Cameron, 2006-2008 (Anglican)
The Rev. Canon Dr. Alyson Barnett-Cowan (Anglican)
The Rev. Sven Oppegaard, 2006-2007 (Lutheran)
Professor Dr. Kenneth G. Appold, 2007 (Lutheran)
Prof. Dr. Kathryn Johnson, 2008-2011 (Lutheran)


Anglican – Lutheran Coordinating Committee (ALICC) 2013-2016

24. September 19-25, 2013 – Helsinki, Finland

Begin work on mapping agreements, initiatives and projects in different regions; promotion of an Anglican-Lutheran study material for the observance of the 2017 Reformation anniversary

25. November 19-25, 2014 – Hong Kong, China

Mapping Anglican-Lutheran relationships around the world; exploring the theological theme of
‘communion in mission’; considering resources for deeper mutual engagement with this theme, which undergirds the living out of the ecumenical calling” – COMMUNIQUÉ — Full-Text

26. November 25-31, 2015 – Johannesburg, South Africa

Continued to develop resources through which Lutherans and Anglicans can commemorate together the year 1517, the 500th anniversary of the beginning of the Reformation; continued work on mapping relationships; continued to explore the theological theme of ‘communion in mission’

27. May 25-31, 2016 – Adelaide, Australia

Completed a daily devotional resource called Liberated by God’s Grace: Anglican – Lutheran Reflections; continue work of mapping relationships globally” – COMMUNIQUÉ — Full-Text
and RESOURCE — Full-Text


The Most Rev. Maurício Andrade, 2013 (Anglican)
The Rt. Rev. Dr. Tim Harris, 2014-2017 (Anglican)
Bishop Michael Pryse (Lutheran)


The Rev. Canon Dr. Alyson Barnett-Cowan, 2013-2014 (Anglican)
The Rev. Canon Dr. John Gibaut, 2015- 2017 (Anglican)
Rev. Anne Burghart (Lutheran)

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