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“Baptism and the Incorporation into the Body of Christ, the Church”



1. December 9-13, 2012 – Rome, Italy

Summary presentations on past dialogues on baptism; the understanding and practice of Baptism in each tradition

2. January 26-31, 2014 – Strasbourg, France

Exploratory meeting; Baptism, God’s grace in Christ and human sin; baptismal rites

3. February 9-13, 2015 – Elspeet, Netherlands

Baptism, communicating grace and faith

4. February 29-March 4, 2016 Bogatá, Columbia

Living out our baptism

5. February 8-15, 2017 – Hamburg, Germany

Work on the Final Report

May 28, 2018
Drafting committee finalized ‘Baptism and Incorporation into the Body of Christ, the Church’” – FINAL REPORT


Archbishop Luis Augusto Castro Quiroga, IMC (Columbia) RC
Prof. Dr. Friederike Nüssel (Germany) L
Prof. Dr. Alfred Neufeld (Paraguay) Mn


Revd. Gregory J. Fairbanks, 2012-2015 (USA/Vatican) RC
Revd. Avelino Gonzalez-Ferrer, 2016-2018 (USA/Vatican) RC
Revd. Dr Kaisamari Hintikka (Finland/Switzerland) L
Revd. Dr. Larry Miller (France) Mn

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