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Preparatory Meeting:

June 2-3, 1998 – Nairobi, Kenya

Three themes dealing with unity, Gospel and culture, and women were decided to be dealt with under the overall theme of Christianity in the African Context


“Christianity in the African Context”



1. October 13-19, 1999 – Kigali, Rwanda

African Christian Identity” – KIGALI STATEMENT — Full-Text

2. March 4-7, 2000 – Lagos, Nigeria

Reconciling identities: learning from each other; the prophetic role of the Church, the free movement of the Holy Spirit

3. February 9-14, 2002 – Nairobi, Kenya

Towards our common witness” – FINAL REPORT — Full-Text


Baba Aladura Dr G.I.M. Otubu (AIC)
Rev. Dr André Karamaga (Reformed)

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