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The Anglican Consultative Council and the World Alliance of Reformed Churches resolved to set up an Anglican-Reformed theological consultation

December 11-16, 1978 – Woking, England

International consultation that considered various aspects of the reltionship between the Anglican and Reformed churches; examination of theological questions that need further discussion; evaluation of strategic methodological issues; questions of contemporary ecclesiology; consideration of a possible program of continuing Anglican-Reformed dialogue” – REPORT — Full-Text


Rt. Rev. E. John Tinsley (Anglican)
Rev. Dr. John Huxtable (Reformed)


Rev. Richmond Smith (Reformed)
Rev. David Chaplin (Anglican)

Anglican – Reformed International Commission



1. January 19-24, 1981 – Woking, England

The Reign of God, christology, ecclesiology” – COMMUNIQUÉ — Full-Text

2. January 11-16, 1982 – Woking, England

Church unity, Church’s mission

3. January 10-16, 1983 – Woking, England

Sacraments and ministry, analysis of BEM

4. January, 1984 – Woking, England

God’s Reign and Our Unity” – FINAL REPORT — Full-Text


Rt. Rev. John Tinsley (1981-1984) (Anglican)
Rev. Dr. John Huxtable (1981-1982)(Reformed)
Rev. Roy F. Wilson (1983-1984)(Reformed)


Revd Richmond Smith (1981-1983) (Reformed)
Revd Dr Alan Sell (1984) (Reformed)
Revd George Braund (1981-1984) 0(Anglican)


Joint Working Group on Anglican-Reformed Relationships

June 27-29, 1996 – Toronto, Canada

Review of Anglican-Reformed relationships in Scotland, the USA and Canada; report on the Meissen and Porvoo agreements, and the proposed concordat between the Lutheran and Episcopalian churches in the USA

June, 2011 Preliminary meeting

Resolution” — Full-Text

Theme: The Nature of Communion




1. October 26-31, 2015 – Kochi, India

The Nature of Communion drawing on the New Testament word koinonia, being invoked today to describe the nature of the interrelationships between churches; discussion on the topic from the perspectives of the Old and New Testaments, and Church history. Seventeenth century English Reformed theology was put in dialogue with contemporary Orthodox theology. The African concept of Ubuntu was placed in dialogue with New Testament understandings of communion” – COMMUNIQUÉ — Full-Text

2. September 2-8, 2016 – Cambridge, England

The nature of communion and its challenges; perspectives of the Trinity in seventeenth century English Reformed theology in dialogue with contemporary Orthodox theology; a theology of koinonia from the perspective of the sending (missio) of the Son rather than the mutually dependent interpersonal relationships (perichoresis) between the Three Divine Persons; and a reflection on the historical instruments within which koinonia has been maintained” – COMMUNIQUÉ — Full-Text

3. August 1-September 7, 2017 – Durban, South Africa

The essence of koinônia, scriptural and historic testimony to its character, how communion is lived and responded to, as well as identifying and critically engaging with diversity in the church and the wider world. A drafting group has been tasked for the next stage of the Commission’s work” – COMMUNIQUÉ — Full-Text

4. August 24-30, 2018 – Vancouver, Canada

Continuation of work on the theme of the nature of communion and the challenges its loss poses to both Communions. Drafting on the final report” – COMMUNIQUÉ — Full-Text

5. August 23-30, 2019 – Hiroshima, Japan

Finalizing the report on Communion as God’s gift” – COMMUNIQUÉ — Full-Text

2020 – “Koinonia: God’s Gift and Calling” – FINAL REPORT — Full-Text


Rt Rev David Chillingworth (2105-2017) (Anglican)
Most Rev Dr Howard Gregory (2018-2019) (Anglican)
Rev Dr Elizabeth Welch (Reformed)


Rev Canon Dr John Gibaut (2015-2017) (Anglican)
Rev Neil Vigers (2018-2019) (Anglican)
Rev Dr Douwe Visser (2015) (Reformed)
Dr Aruna Gnanadason (2016) (Reformed)
Rev Dr Hanns Lessing (2017-2019) (Reformed)

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