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Conversation around the World 2000-2005



The Baptist World Alliance invites the Lambeth Conference begin a dialogue between the Communions


Lambeth Conference passed the resolution IV.15” – RESOLUTION — Full-Text

March, 2000 – McClean, Virginia, USA

Objectives established for the conversations: 1) to enable Anglicans and Baptists to learn from each other and to deepen understanding of relationships between the two communions in the light of their histories; 2) to share with each how to understand the Christian faith and to work towards a common confession of the apostolic faith; 3) to identify issues of doctrine and the nature of the church to be explored further in possible future conversations; 4) to look for ways to cooperate in mission and community activities, and to increase our fellowship and common witness to the gospel




1. September 21-24, 2000 – Norwich, England

Ecclesial self-understanding, oversight, initiation, mission” – COMMUNIQUÉ — Full-Text

2. January 18-21, 2001 Yangon, Myanmar

Ecclesial self-understanding, episkopé (oversight) and Christian initiation”- COMMUNIQUÉ — Full-Text

3. January 24-26, 2002 – Nairobi, Kenya

Continuity and story; recognition and acceptance; contextual mission and ministry; baptism and Christian initiation; membership and community; oversight and episkopé; and confessing the faith”- COMMUNIQUÉ — Full-Text

4. January 22-24, 2003 – Santiago, Chile

Evangelism, Proselytism and Mission in Latin America; Ministry of Pastoral Oversight; Baptist/Anglican Identity: expressed through worship, teaching and evangelism” – COMMUNIQUÉ — Full-Text

5. January 26-28, 2003 – Nassau, Bahamas

Anglican Life in the Caribbean, Baptist Life in the Caribbean, Colonisation, Liberation and the Mission of the Church in the Caribbean, Eucharistic Theology, Anglican Identity, and Baptist Identity”- COMMUNIQUÉ — Full-Text

6. September 10-12, 2003 – Wolfville, Nova Scotia, Canada

Common Challenges facing Anglicans and Baptists in North America, Baptist Life in North America, A North American Baptist Understanding of Continuity, The Nature and Role of the Church; Authority”- COMMUNIQUÉ — Full-Text

5. March 26-27, 2004 – Oxford, England

Drafting of final report”- COMMUNIQUÉ — Full-Text

2005 The Report of the International Conversations between The Anglican Communion and The Baptist World Alliance Conversations Around the World 2000 – 2005 Full-Text


Rev. Dr. Paul S. Fiddes, England (Baptist)
Dr. Bruce Matthews, Canada (Anglican)


Rev. Canon David Hamid (2000-2002) (Anglican)
Rt. Rev. John Baycroft (2003) (Anglican)
Rev. Canon Gregory Cameron (20003-2005) (Anglican)
Rev. L. Anthony Cupit (Baptist)

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