Library Services


Material housed in the library can be found and located using the library catalogue.
Most of library material is available via open shelfing in the two Reading Rooms.
Readers can take books from the shelves, but they may not put back books on shelves.

Readers can reserve books for a week, writing their name on a card and putting them on the suitable table. If a client needs to extend time of reservation, he/she may communicate to the staff and put “maneat” with his/her name on the book.

The following locations refer to books from closed stack. These books can be requested to the staff:

• “Deposito”
• “Deposito 2”
• “Deposito 3”
• “Deposito 4”
• “Deposito 5”
• “In catalogazione” (In cataloging)
• “Libri Rari” (Rare books)
• “Multimediali” (Multimedia)

The library offers a dedicated workstation to view library’s multimedia.


The staff will be happy to help with any queries and to assist with the use of the online catalogue.


The library offers a self-service photocopier available in the reference room.
Photocopy cards can be purchased from the staff.
All copying must be done within the terms of Italian copyright legislation.

The photocopier must not be used for copying or scanning personal documents.

The Library reserves the right to restrict copying to reduce the risk of damage to collection items or to comply with applicable laws.

Following materials cannot be photocopied:

• Books damaged and in precarious state of conservation
• Large books
• Books published before 1920.
• Unpublished theses.
• Rare books.
• Dictionaries, encyclopedias, directories, yearbooks, lexicons.

Document Delivery

Library offers document delivery service to its members by retrieving documents that library does not possess and vice versa, by providing copies of its own materials at their request.
Service is bound to the Italian copyright law and is offered solely to libraries and not individuals.


The library does not offer loan service.