Giornata di Studio su Sorores in Spe – “Sisters in Hope of the Resurrection” A Fresh Response to the Condemnation of Anglican Orders (1896) | Webinars

Sponsors Mailines Conversation Group, Centro Anglicano a Roma e Centro Pro Unione

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Study day on Sorores in Spe
“Sisters in Hope of the Resurrection”
A Fresh Response to the Condemnation of Anglican Orders (1896)
Sponsors: Malines Conversation Group, The Anglican Centre and Centro Pro Unione

Giovedì, 17 Marzo 2022


9:30 – 13:00 Morning Session
Moderator: Dr. Maryana Hnyp, Université catholique de Louvain

09:30 “Presentation of Sorores in Spe”
Rev. Dr. James Hawkey
Canon Theologian of Westminster Abbey; Chaplain to Her Majesty The Queen, and Chair of the Westminster Abbey Institute
Prof. Joris Geldhof
Professor of Liturgical Studies and Sacramental Theology at the Faculty of Theology and Religious Studies, KU Leuven, Belgium; chair of the Liturgical Institute and Past President, Societas Liturgica
10:15 Discussion
10:30 “Locating contemporary Catholicism in relation to Apostolicae curae: What it tells Catholics about themselves”
Prof. Thomas O’Loughlin
Professor Emeritus of Historical Theology, The University of Nottingham

11:15 Discussion

11:30-12:00 Coffee break

12:00 “Epistemological and hermeneutical approaches to deal with the resolution of old problems, now in a new context.”
Fr. William Henn, ofm cap

12:30 Discussion

13:00 Lunch
15:00–18:45 Afternoon Session
Moderator: Rev. Canon Dr. Jeremy Morris, Cambridge University

15:00 “Sorores in Spe: How to resolve the remaining issues”
Dr. Susan K. Wood, SCL
Academic Dean, Regis College, University of Toronto; Professor of Systematic Theology; Past President of the Catholic Theological Society of America; and Member of the North American Roman Catholic-Orthodox Theological Consultation
15:45 Discussion
16:00 “What might a reevaluation of Apostolicae Curae mean for ministry ‘on the ground’?”
Rt. Rev. Bruce J. A. Myers, OGS
Anglican Bishop of Quebec, Co-chair of the Anglican-Roman Catholic Dialogue of Canada
16:45 Discussion

17:00-17:30 Tea Break

17:30 Panel Discussion:“What does a reconsideration mean for theology, for the way how we educate people in theology, for parishes and communities, for the Malines Conference Group (what should be their next step)”
Dr. Tamara Grdzelidze
Professor, Ilia State University in the department of Religious Studies as well as in Political Science; Former Orthodox Member of the Faith & Order Commission, World Council of Churches; Ambassador of Georgia to the Holy See (2014-2018)
Rev. Dr. Erik Eckerdal
Lutheran Church in Sweden; CEO of Samariterhemmet diakoni, Uppsala, Sweden
Rev. Canon Prof. Sarah Coakley, FBA
Norris-Hulse Professor emerita, Cambridge University; Honorary Professor Australian Catholic University; Honorary Fellow, Oriel College, Oxford; Honorary Professor, the Logos Institute, St Andrews University
Rev. James F. Puglisi, sa
Director, Centro Pro Unione; Professor of Ecumenism at the Ecumenical Institute San Bernardino, Venice; Professor emeritus, Pontificio Ateneo Sant’Anselmo, Pontifical University, St. Thomas Aquinas-Angelicum; Past President, Societas Liturgica

18:45 Conclusion

Presso il Centro Pro Unione
Via Santa Maria dell’Anima 30, 1° piano