“The Art of Christian-Muslim Relations”

Michael D. CALABRIA, ofm

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“The Art of Christian-Muslim Relations”

― Michael D. CALABRIA, OFM, PhD

Direttore, Center for Arab and Islamic Studies, St. Bonaventure University (USA)

“One of the obstacles in Christian-Muslims relations today is a persistent narrative of conflict between the two faith communities, one that is intensified by contemporary geo-politics. Historians of art and architecture tell a different story, however — a story in which materials, ideas and aesthetics flowed freely between Christians and Muslims in Islamic lands, and between Islamic lands and Western Europe. Using selected works of art and architecture, this presentation will show the deep and abiding cultural connections between Christians and Muslims through the ages.”

Orario webcast: Giovedì, 29 Aprile 2021 alle 18:00 (ora italiana • UTC/GTM +2 CEST)

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